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Waist beads x 1 - colour varies

Waist beads x 1 - colour varies

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  • Handmade waist beads
  • Colour will vary - waist beads x 1
  • Materials: seed beads, thread

-Capri Waist Beads

- select preferred main colour
-White Thread
-Bead Size: small and medium

Women of all shapes and sizes can confidently adorn themselves with this strand which comes in a standard length of 50-55 inches long. It can be easily adjusted down to your waist size by removing the excess beads and trimming the strand down to your desired size.

Most women rarely, if ever, take the strand(s) off once they are on.
These traditional waist beads are threaded on cotton cord and are meant to be tied on for long term wear.

Traditionally waist-beads are worn along the panty/bikini line and not the actual waist (across belly button) Typically you would wear the bead-strand(s) along your panty line to accommodate slight weight fluctuations, but some may wish to wear them along their natural waist.

Waist beads are an age old African tradition and have been worn for various reasons such as, the celebration of womanhood, sexuality, femininity, body shaping, fertility, healing, spirituality, protection, and wealth.

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