Collection: Rings

Hand carved brass African adinkra symbol rings.

All rings are slightly adjustable. Brass jewellery can darken after a while, to prevent that polish it with a soft, dry cloth or soak in freshly squeezed lemon juice.


The meaning of the symbols:

  • The Ankh - known as the original cross. Symbols physical & eternal life.
  • Gye Nyame - expresses the omnipotence of God. Gye Nyame is the most popular Adinkra symbol. It reflects the faith of the Akan people, to see God’s involvement in every aspect of human life.
  • Sankofa - Go back and get it / Move forward but don't forget the knowledge of the past
  • Duafe - wooden comb, stands for beauty, feminine qualities
  • Wawa Aba - Perseverance
  • Asase Ye Duru - Divinity of Mother Earth