Nsubra African print ankara handbag

Nsubra African print ankara handbag

  • £18.00

Nsubra handmade handbag.

This is one of the trending fabrics in Ghana and worldwide and can be found sewn into a dress, shirt, shorts, etc.

Its varying colours and bold print renders it versatile and confident.

Nsu Bra pattern first appeared in African markets in 1960. It was originally called ‘the Disc’ and was designed in 1936 by Mr Piet Snel, a Dutch fabric designer at Vlisco. The design was derived from a very old drawing made in 1924. Vlisco is like the couture of African print. They are the originators of West African print (Ankara). -Via Style Me Ankara.

This fabric is very popular in Ghana. It is called Nsu Bra in the Ghanaian dialect Twi and it simply means water well. When something is thrown into a water well, it creates a ripple effect. This is what inspired local fabric traders to name this pattern Nsu Bra. -Via Style Me Ankara