Amethyst stone necklace - purple

Amethyst stone necklace - purple

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Beautiful handmade rope and gemstone necklace.

Among amethyst’s many other names is “All-Healer”, which signifies the stone being one of the most effective healing crystals. It is exceptionally beneficial for humans, animals, and even plants. It brings about a long list of benefits that range from healing physical pain, emotional pain, protection against negative energy, stimulating wisdom and creativity, and helping to promote mental clarity.

Suggestions on how to Use Amethyst

1. For Feng Shui Purposes
The location of your Amethyst stones in your home is very essential if you want to reap the benefits of this amazing stone. Place an Amethyst cluster in the northeast location of your home to stimulate spiritual growth and self-improvement. Place the cluster in the southeast portion of your home to attract wealth and abundance. For a good reputation, place the stone in the south location of your home.

2. For Business
Place amethyst stones or a cluster in the same location as where you store your money. It can be a check-out counter, a safe, or your desk – attract abundance and prosperity by placing the stone in your location of work.

3. For a Good Night’s Sleep
You can place the stone under your pillow, on your bed table, or under the mattress to boost lucid dreaming, as well as to fight the occurrence of nightmares and to prevent insomnia.

4. To Eliminate Negative Energy
If your home doesn’t have the aura of positivity, or if you’re currently suffering from negativity in your life, placing a cluster of stones in the centre of your home will help to get rid of negative energy. Make sure it is the central location of your house so the energy of the stone radiates throughout the rest of the rooms and spaces.

5. To Improve Mood

Carry an amethyst stone with you throughout the day to enhance your mood and protect you from any negative thoughts of energy.